Who does Steps Together help?

Steps Together helps families who find themselves in an unexpected and unavoidable health crisis.

In 2016, Steps Together changed their focus area exclusively to Somerset County.  Families that were receiving support prior to that change will continue to receive assistance as needed.


Is Steps Together a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization?

Yes.  All donations are tax deductible and corporate matching programs apply.


What is the best way to keep up to date on everything Steps Together ?

Steps Together is very active on Facebook.  Click here to ‘like’ our page.  We also send out a monthly update, click here to join our mailing list.


When was Steps Together founded?

Steps Together started as a community project in 2012 but applied for 501(c)(3) recognition in 2013.


Why was Steps Together created?

Steps Together was created after seeing a combined need in our community to reduce the isolation of families in crisis and the helpless feeling of those who care about them.

What does Steps Together offer?

Steps Together offers networking, fundraising guidance and/or financial support.


Does Steps Together host the story of everyone they help?

Only families who wish to have their story shared are detailed on our site

How do I apply for support?

Anyone wishing to apply or nominate a family for support must complete our Beneficiary Application.


What is the Steps Together united walking and running team?

Every July we kick off our core fundraising event which is a united walking and running team that supports multiple beneficiaries endorsed by Steps Together.    Click here for information about this event.


Can I host a fundraiser to support Steps Together?

Absolutely.   Click here to send a detailed email about your event.    Pending Board approval we will detail your fundraiser on our Calendar of Events.


Does Steps Together work with other nonprofits?

Steps Together no longer makes financial contributions to other nonprofit organizations.  We have in the past but now have so much demand that all funds raised go directly to families in our community.  We do support the work of other organizations whenever possible but not financially.  We even created a resource page for families which highlight organizations that could be of assistance.  Organizations detailed on this page have had a direct impact on the families we have helped.  Please note that this resource page is a constant work in progress.


How can I support Steps Together?

Click here to read how you can help!


Can I host my own event / participate in an event and raise funds for Steps Together?

Yes!  The best way to do this is first setup your fundraising page with our partner program Razoo and then contact us so we can link your fundraiser off our homepage.   Follow these easy steps….

  1. Go to Razoo.
  2. In the lower right hand corner look for the box that reads “Fundraise For This Cause” and click the Get Started button.
  3. Follow the steps to tell your story, set your fundraising goal and customize your automated thank you.


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